Sound Bath - Dec. 18th, 6:30 PM

We will be holding a Sound Bath. This will be a group meditation experience involving a variety of healing instruments. Sound is powerful medicine. We are all made up of vibrations. When our vibrations are out of tune it is important to take time to come back into harmony. Healing sounds can help you to relax and find your center to live your most aligned life. Join us for a deep Sound journey and let the sound waves wash your worries away.

Cost of attendance is $25 per person

What you receive:

A fully immersive sound experience, allowing you to completely relax and ground.

How it works:

Multiple gongs and sound bowls are played in a way that offers positive effects for the mind and body, and allows one to find a greater sense of tranquility and ease in daily life. The sounds are blended together, and the entire experience is played in a continuous manner, allowing one to reach and remain in a deep state of physical relaxation while enhancing & strengthening connection to the inner world. It is recommended to bring a pillow, blanket, or yoga mat to get comfortable with.

About your Host, Elizabeth Clanton: I am Elizabeth Clanton, I own a business called Mindful Moments Healing Services, where I provide sound healing sessions, Blue Star Celestial Energy work, and Birth and Postpartum Doula services. I aim to empower women to find their Goddess within and help bring energetic harmony to all. I am a Certified Sound Healing Practitioner through Sound Healing Academy and a Certified Doula through Birth Arts International. I have also received my Blue Star Celestial Energy Master training. I feel that we are all beings of light and I find fulfillment in helping people to shine as brightly as they can.

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