Mollymae McDonough

Nurturing Center Coordinator and Practitioner

Mollymae McDonough started her journey from a young age as she struggled with learning disabilities all through her early years. As she began to develop she realized how much of a gift dyslexia truly is. She spent her early teens studying world religions and spiritual practices with teachers all around the country. Her specialties include Light Language, Intuition Development, Tarot, Beyond Quantum Healing, Manifestation and offering tools to help other's co-create with spirit.

Mollymae's Mission is to ignite the inner fires of the self to burn through limitations of the mind, swim in the inner waters to release and discover untapped wisdom, take flight through the air to unlock new states of consciousness and ground what is found back into Gaia to activate the rainbow bodies in all beings. She believes this is the birthright of all who have incarnated on this sacred Earth.

Our Mission is to create a safe environment for you to thrive with access to the tools that fit with your resonance. Thy Harmony Manifest was created with all of humanity in mind, we follow no rule book, no code, except for coming from a place of the highest goodness. We would love to have you join us 🏻 Blessings!

-Reiki is an energetic healing where we focus on all aspects of the self, body, mind, and spirit. This is a time to get back in check with your internal rhythm.
-Readings consist of using Mollymae's connection to her intuition, the Akashic records, cards, and automatic writing to receive a thorough reading of her client's energy at this current moment.
-Past Life Regression is a deep form of hypnosis to connect to any and all wisdom by traveling through between 1-3 past lives, connecting to the higher self, and re-aligning with the highest timelines with benevolence.

To schedule with Mollymae, please visit her website!

Mollymae McDonough
Mollymae McDonough